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PU And PVC Hose Vacuum Tube

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 23, 2016

PU PU hoses made of plastic, PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane, polyurethane polyurethane for short Chinese name. PU tubes are widely used in glass, wood, iron and steel industry, plastics industry, mining, shipbuilding, cement industry, such as mechanical conveying tube, when tough flexible tube for protection. While food-grade tube can also be used in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry. This product will better meet the transportation requirements of industries. PVC vacuum tubes are made of PVC composite material, high strength galvanized wire spiral embedded in flexible PVC pipe in the wall. PU tube and PVC on the surface the difference is not very large, is transparent, is embedded wire, but in terms of performance, but there is a huge difference between the two. From material Shang view, PU material material made of sucking dust tube than PVC tube more pure transparent, PU hose embedded of wire for stainless steel wire, than PVC of plating copper wire more wear, and resistance stretch, and PU hose of wire also than PVC sucking dust tube of wire to more rough, such on greatly extended has PU tube of using life, PU hose of using life is PVC tube of 7-10 times from physical and chemical performance view, PU hose, has height resistance corrosion, resistance pressure, resistance wear, resistance high temperature of performance, These are PVC pipes far, PU hose won't harden at low temperatures in winter, in summer high temperatures softened, not yellow, these are PVC pipe can not compare.

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