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Platinum Technical Characteristics Of Vulcanized Silicone Tube

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 23, 2016

Curing technology is mainly used in Platinum silicone, including Platinum sulfide preparation of silica gel tube, Platinum sulfide wire silicone tubes, curing silicone tubing in Platinum, Platinum sulfide is a two-component condensation curing agent with low curing temperature, curing speed and so on, compared with the traditional peroxide system has the advantages of environmentally friendly, efficient and tasteless. With the growing emphasis on environmental sanitation requirements of various countries, in particular for human food, of medical silicone products testing requirements related to the increase, which will soon replace the traditional peroxide curing agent (such as double 25, dual 24, etc), its excellent performance and performance as follows: 1.1 after curing, no odor. Health and high environmental protection, United States FDA, Germany LMBG food certification and other rigorous testing. Fast curing, low molding temperature. After forming the excellent physical properties, dimensional stability, low shrinkage, tensile strength, tearing strength, elasticity is greatly increased.

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