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Plastic Water PipesBuy Raiders

In the home decoration, the Plastic Water Pipes of the figure, but also we often see. So, for Plastic Water Pipes, when we purchase the time, should pay attention to what? And its purchase Raiders and what?

One, look at the type

1.Plastic Water Pipes according to the material to points, can be divided into UPVC (hard polyvinyl chloride), PPR (random copolymer polypropylene), PE-RT (heat-resistant polyethylene) and other major categories, they have their own advantages and disadvantages And the scope of application.

2. Plastic water pipe according to the use of points, can be divided into water pipes, drainage pipes, three kinds of warm water pipes.

Second, look at specifications

Plastic pipes according to the use of different specifications will be different. Egret plastic pipe single length specifications for the 4m or 6m. PE-RT tube is mainly used as a warm pipe, so the outer diameter of the wall thickness and size are less. UPVC is mainly used for drainage pipes, larger size and more choice. And PPR for a wide range, so the pipe diameter wall thickness specifications are more concentrated, mostly 6 minutes.

Third, the price of plastic pipes

Different materials, plastic pipe raw materials and production processes are not the same, of course, the price will be very different. The total cost of the plastic pipe is not only the price of the pipe itself, but also the factors such as pipe fittings, connecting tools, man-hour cost, pipe loss ratio and maintenance period of installation reliability. Therefore, it should be compared according to the above comprehensive indicators.

What if the water pipe at home is broken?

1. First of all, should first turn off the water valve, and then observe the leak point, see what is the situation at the rupture

2. Second, observe the severity of the rupture, if only a crack, and from the crack out of the overflow, then simple, you can go to the door of the hardware store bought specifically for the repair of plastic pipe rupture of the glue, be careful not to casually Use glue, use a professional does not pollute the water quality of the special glue.

3. Third, if the rupture of the larger cracks, like a collision caused by the Mishap, then confirm the seal can not use the words, you can measure the diameter of the tube, to the hardware store to buy a section can just set the ends of the connector, Leakage at the cut, both ends of a glue with a stick on the OK.

4. Fourth, after observation found that the plastic pipe cracks have been filled with the whole paragraph, then do not have in the local maintenance, and to this time either your ability to be strong can find a special tool, or can only find a professional master of the water pipe Repair it.

5. Fifth, if you find the water pipe has been broken, and is outside the water, splashing everywhere are water, then do not panic, to close the home of the water valve, and turn off the valve, the timely cleaning appliances or Electrical outlet near the water, to prevent electric shock or cause electrical damage, and then in time to find a repair shop for repair.

6. Finally, as a hostess you, we must know where the valve at home, not only water pipes, natural gas, heating, leakage protection, etc. should also be aware of, in case of accidents in a timely manner to cut off the source of danger!

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