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Plastic Water Pipes How To Repair The Rupture

In daily life, some simple emergency maintenance skills we still need to master, for example, change the light bulb ah, change screen ah and so on, hands-on ability of friends in the case of security is able to be pro-friendly, so as to save a lot of trouble, but also to bring their own sense of achievement, then if the home water pipe burst how to repair it?

1.First of all, should turn off the tap water valve, and then observe the leak point, see what the rupture of the situation.

2.Secondly, to observe the severity of the rupture, if there is only a crack, from the crack to spill water, it is simple, you can go to the door of the hardware store to buy special to repair the plastic pipes cracked glue, we must pay attention to do not use glue casually, to use a professional water quality special glue.

3.Third, if the rupture of the larger, like the impact of the mishap caused by the words, to confirm the use of glue can not be sealed, the diameter of the pipe, to buy a piece of hardware store just can cover the two ends of the joint, will be cut off, the two ends of a glue on a sticky OK.

4.Four, after the observation found that the plastic pipe crack has been full of the whole paragraph, you do not have to repair in the local, to this time either you can find a strong ability to special tools, or can only find professional water pipe master repaired.

5.If the water pipe is found to be broken, and is spraying water outside, splashing everywhere is water, then do not panic, to timely shut down the home of the tap water valve, and in the closing of the valve, in time to clean up the electrical appliances or electrical outlets near to prevent electric shocks or cause electrical damage, and then find the repairman in time to repair.

6.Finally, as the hostess, you must know that the home of the valve, not only water pipes, natural gas, heating, leakage protector, etc. also need to know, in case of accidents can be timely cut off dangerous source!

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