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Plastic Water Pipe Variety Specifications

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 14, 2017

  Plastic water pipe variety specifications, price differences, resulting in many consumers will fall into the wrong choice.

  Misunderstanding one: Different material pipelines can be mixed

  No material plastic water pipe has the features and uses. If the uPVC pipe as drinking water, will be harmful to our health, will be UPVC, PPR tube local heating, water pipes will be deformed leakage, if the PPR, RT tube As sewage pipe, the cost is too high. Therefore, the purchase of plastic water pipes, should be based on the use of purchasing.

  Myth Two: different material pipe Fittings

  Different plastic water pipes have different methods. UPVC pipe is bonded with pipe diameter and PVC glue; the PPR pipe interface uses the hot melt technology to connect, utilizes the hot melt gun, makes the molecule of the material pipe between the materials in a few seconds completely fused into one; RT tube In addition to the use of hot melt technology, can also be used in accordance with the size of the diameter of the tube or mechanical connection. Therefore, different access methods will have the corresponding plumbing accessories, to pay attention when purchasing.

  Misunderstanding three: Plastic pipe can buy their own clothes

  Many people think that the connection pipe is very simple, so choose the network to buy their own plumbing installation. In fact, water pipe connection is a technical work, the need to install master years of experience accumulated. In addition, the installation of water pipes according to the laying environment, water temperature to determine the laying of water pipes, piping how to decorate such knowledge is not available to ordinary consumers. Poly Pipeline recommended that consumers find the size of the entity shop to buy, in order to enjoy the quality of after-sales service.

  Myth Four: Water pipe installation complete without trial pressure

  Water pipe installation Complete leakage is taken for granted, but can not only see whether the water pipe interface is leaking, the application of professional test presses to carry out a long time pressure test, through the pipeline pressure drop to determine the water pipe sealing performance is good or bad. Although the pressure test process is tedious, it is the most effective leak-testing method.

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