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Plastic Water Pipe Is Made Of Polymer

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 14, 2017

  Plastic water pipe is made of polymer, different materials determine the plastic water pipe has different characteristics. To choose the right plumbing, first we need to know the classification of plastic water pipes.

  I. Types of plastic water pipes

  Plastic water pipe According to the material, can be divided into uPVC (hard polyvinyl chloride), PPR (random copolymer polypropylene), RT (heat-resistant polyethylene) and other major categories, they have their own advantages and disadvantages and the scope of application.

  Plastic water pipes by use, can be divided into water pipes, drainage sewage pipe, ground heating tube three kinds. Water pipes require the material to be environmentally friendly, in line with the health requirements of the human body; the drainage pipe has lower requirements for the material, but the diameter of the pipe is higher, and the heating pipe is required to be capable of high temperature and high pressure, no deformation and no leakage.

  II. Specifications of plastic water pipes

  Plastic pipes vary in size by purpose. The following is a list of three types of plastic water pipes commonly used.

  Plastic hose Single length specifications of 4m or 6m, other sizes need to be customized. Compared with the length specification, the plastic pipe diameter and wall thickness specifications are much richer. The RT tube is mainly used as the ground heating tube, so the outer diameter of the wall thickness and specifications are few; uPVC is mainly used as drainage sewer pipe, larger size and more choice; and PPR applies a wide range, so the pipe diameter of the wall thickness more concentrated, and even derived from commonly known as the name, such as D25.5, the outer diameter of 25mm, wall thickness of 3.5mm is called 6.

  Third, the price of plastic water pipe

  Different materials of plastic water pipe raw materials and production processes are not the same, the price of course will be very far.

  The total cost of plastic pipe not only refers to the price of the pipe itself, but also includes such factors as pipe fittings, connecting tools, installation hours, pipe loss ratio and maintenance period of installation reliability, so consumers should make comparisons according to the above comprehensive index.

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