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Low Pressure Hose Of Rubber Structures

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 23, 2016

Rubber low pressure hose of the structure are not the same, but generally consists of an inner adhesive layer of reinforcement layer and an outer adhesive layer consists of three basic parts. Inner adhesive layer is the industrial low pressure hose contacts the media layer, plays a medium, protect, enhance the role of its long-term immersion medium, corrosion and friction, in order to meet needs, requires an inner adhesive layer has a certain thickness, temperature, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, a certain degree of air tightness, flexibility and strength. Enhancement layer is part of industrial low pressure hose under pressure, as well as industrial low pressure hose with the necessary stiffness and strength as a whole. Outer adhesive layer is the protective layer of industrial low pressure hose, due to the contact with the external environment, not only requires wear resistance, has a certain thickness, also calls for a certain degree of corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

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