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Leakage Treatment Method Of Plastic Water Pipe Joint

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 14, 2017

  Leakage treatment method of plastic water pipe joint

  1, water leakage joint

  Sometimes water connections leak, this is normal phenomenon. Occasionally used for a long time, the water pipe joint damage, need to repair, which is also in the common sense. So what if it's a plastic plumbing joint leaking? You can break the water pipe, then cut off the end, and then use a good water pipe and the original plastic the pipe joint is aligned so that the substitute pipe can be put into the original pipe, like two of pipes to cross, and then put on glue, so that the two can be tightly bonded together.

  2. Loose joint

  Sometimes the plastic water pipe joint leakage is not necessarily a plumbing problem, may be permanent, the water pipe joints loose, resulting in leakage events, if it is such a way leakage, then this is good. The first thing to see is whether the plastic pipe joint is broken, or can not be used, if it can be used, directly with equipment tools to tighten it, if it is already produced by the cracks or broken, can not be used in the case, then it is best to buy a new installation. can be repaired with glue, as far as possible repair, you can use cement, waterproof agent, waterproof adhesive products such as repair.

  3, Joint damage

  If the above-mentioned plastic water pipe joint leakage, and your home water pipe leakage is not caused by these methods, then it must be plastic hose joints damaged. If this is the case, then what method do you usually use to repair it? Most people will choose to reinstall, in fact, this method is also good, reinstall the words, a variety of performance should be more excellent, and now on the market so about the plastic hose fittings and parts, every a specifications models are different, we must pay attention to the choice.

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