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How To Decorate The Bathroom Drainage Pipes

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 11, 2017

  How to decorate the bathroom Drainage Pipes

  Drainage Pipesage is an important part of the bathroom decoration. Because in daily use, flushing, bathing and so will discharge a lot of sewage. Once the toilet Drainage Pipes pipe installed properly, it will bring a great impact on the use of daily life.

  Therefore, in the bathroom decoration, we must pay attention to the installation of Drainage Pipesage pipes.

  √ quality to be selected

  First of all, in the selection, the Drainage Pipesage pipe to use high quality PVC pipe. And the connection of the Drainage Pipesage pipe will generally use the adhesive, adhesive must also be no smell of watertight, flame retardant properties are better.

  √ Set the check port for easy maintenance

  Second, if a Drainage Pipesage tube with more than one health equipment, you need to increase the cleaning port (check the mouth). Check the mouth is used for maintenance and quick troubleshooting channel, so its position generally off the ground one meter, h tube center one meter five or so, to facilitate follow-up inspection use.

  √ Set the trap to prevent odor

  In addition, if the sanitary ware itself without water trap, then must be installed in the pipeline S-type or P-type trap, to prevent odor from the pipeline overflow, to ensure that the bathroom fresh air.

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