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How Do Plastic Water Pipes Connect?

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 24, 2017

  How do Plastic Water Pipes connect? This is a lot of consumer concerns. Xiaobian search to the relevant information, here briefly, hope that the majority of consumers useful.

  Plastic Water Pipes connection method:

  First, the hot flare socket: the socket should be set into the groove, the mouth of the wall and the outer wall of the socket should be coated with adhesive, should strictly control the oil temperature, to prevent hot coke, lap length of 1.0 to 1.5 times the diameter The

  Second, with a socket of the pipeline connection, the seal apron can not be displaced, twisted, difficult to install, available soap or talc as a lubricant, can also be a block of light tap into.

  Third, the Plastic Water Pipes connected, in addition to joints should be filled with 30 to 50 cm thick.

  How do plastic water pipes freeze?

  Cold weather is easy to cause water pipes to be frozen, especially in the north weather pipes are frozen is a very common phenomenon. After the water pipe is frozen, most people will choose to wait for the natural thawing of water pipes, in fact, we can take appropriate measures to thaw the water pipe, the following look at how to let the water pipe thaw.

  Method / step

  1 For exposed to the surface of the surface is easy to be frozen part of the water pipe, in the usual should do the insulation work, such as with linen fabric, insulation jacket tightly wrapped around the water pipe, of course, the best with the water pipe laying preheat cable, so when the weather is cold Of the time to avoid the water pipes frozen, or timely water pipes can be frozen through the preheat cable to freeze the water pipe quickly thawed.

  2 If the Plastic Water Pipes is frozen, it will be wrapped with cotton and linen fabric will be frozen place, and then pouring water to make it slowly thawed in the process of watering the best way to use watering interval, so Can make full use of the heat of hot water to melt the tube.

  3 for buried in the underground water pipes, because they can not directly touch the water pipe, so can only rely on the water pipe to fill the water to thaw, of course, can also use a hard wire poke the water pipe, and sometimes can play a good dredge effect.

  4 in the cold winter, the night will be a little open faucet, so that small water flow continued, so you can achieve a good antifreeze effect, can effectively prevent the water pipe frozen. Of course, the water should not be too much, otherwise it will waste water resources friends.

  5 If the frozen part of the water pipe is longer, even in the underground can not be touched, you can only through the property sector maintenance personnel to deal with the door. Generally they will have a good way to thaw, the pipeline is dredged, will also take reasonable and effective antifreeze, insulation measures to prevent the water pipe in this frozen.

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