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Drainage PipesCorrosion Resistance

Drainage pipe is mainly responsible for rainwater, sewage, farmland irrigation and drainage tasks.

Drain pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to add other additives and the appearance of the corrugated new type of seepage plastic pipe, through the groove at the hole, the tube around the outsourced acupuncture geotextile Processing made. According to the bellows type can be divided into single-walled water-permeable bellows and double-walled water-proof bellows. As the product tube hole in the trough and the long strip, effectively overcome the flat round hole products are easily blocked and affect the drainage effect of the drawbacks, for different drainage requirements, the size of the tube hole can be 10mm × 1mm-30mm × 3mm, and can be in 360 degrees, 270 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees and other areas within the uniform distribution, widely used in highways, railways, subway projects, waste landfills, tunnels, green belt, High-level slope protection and other drainage areas, as well as agriculture, horticultural underground irrigation, drainage system. It is with the soft water pipe, plastic blind ditch has become China's civil engineering construction (seepage, drainage) in the three major products. Municipal drainage pipe network depending on the size of the drainage pressure, the choice of double-arm bellows and straight wall tube. Straight wall tube pressure bearing capacity is strong, can be used for large drainage pipe network dedicated pipe.

The main purpose

1. Highway longitudinal, horizontal drainage and permeable;

2. Expressway all kinds of archway wall and the back of the vertical ditch, horizontal drainage;

3. Drainage of tunnels and underground roads;

4. Municipal engineering, water purification plants, sewage plants, garbage dumps and other water supply and drainage;

5. Drainage of golf course, golf course, park and other recreational green space;

6. Slope development of slope soil and water conservation;

7. Groundwater drainage of land preparation works;

Performance characteristics

1. Drain safety

The orifice is located in the trough, due to the two-way effect of the crest and the filter fabric, the hole is not easy to clog and ensure the permeable system.

2. Corrosion resistance

Compared with the soft spring drain, the plastic is not easy to rust.

3. Strength and easy to bend

Unique double ripple structure effectively improve the product's external pressure, the drainage system will not be affected by external pressure deformation and affect the drainage effect.

4. Economical

Compared with the same diameter of the other drainage pipes, the lower the price.

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