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Drainage Pipes Installation Principles

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 11, 2017

  Drainage Pipes installation principles: ⑴ slope ⑵ diameter reasonable (3) the nearest discharge (simply summed up as a slope two tube three near the principle)

  Installation points:

  ⑴ drainage pipe is not less than 1/100 of the tilt.

  ⑵ horizontal drainage pipe must avoid the phenomenon of hedging, so as to avoid the slope and poor drainage.

  ⑶ drainage pipe should be set to the highest point of ventilation holes to ensure the smooth discharge of condensate, the exhaust must be down, so as not to enter the pipeline dirt.

  ⑷ pipe connection is completed, Drainage Pipes should do water test and full water test, on the one hand to check whether the drainage is smooth, on the other hand check the pipeline system is leaking.

  ⑸ insulation materials seams, must be used special adhesive, and then wrapped around rubber and plastic tape, rubber and plastic tape width is not small 50mm, Drainage Pipes to ensure a solid, to prevent condensation.

  ⑹ air conditioning ducts must be with the construction of other sewage pipes, rain pipes, drain separately installed.

  ⑺ different forms of indoor units can not share the same centralized drainage pipe.

  ⑻ hanger spacing: usually horizontal tube 0.8m-1m, riser 1.5m-2.0m, each riser shall not be less than two, transverse pipe spacing over the assembly will produce deflection, Drainage Pipes and produce air resistance.

  ⑼ static pressure value is relatively large, natural drainage indoor unit must do water trap, to avoid running negative pressure caused by poor drainage or water blowing outlet.

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