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Drainage Pipes How To Choose UPVC Drainage Pipe

UPVC drainage pipe Because of its wide source of raw materials, low production costs (a production line of about 150,000 ~ million), the national production enterprises more, but because the PVC resin itself to raw material requirements and more stringent, which makes different ratios of UPVC drainage pipe quality disparity, Some enterprises produced UPVC pipe tensile strength of more than 50 MPA, and some only about 30MPa. Thus causing great disruption to the market of uPVC drains, users should pay special attention when choosing:

uPVC drains are mainly used in construction drainage, municipal sewage and rainwater drainage and other fields. UPVC Drainage Pipe According to its structure can be divided into UPVC solid wall drainage pipe, upvc spiral ribbed drainage pipe, upvc core layer foam drainage pipe (another introduction). By use can be divided into drainage pipes, sewage pipes, rain pipe.

1. For the current most common white upvc drains, the color is milky white and evenly, both inside and outside the wall are relatively smooth but a little 靱 feeling is good, and the comparison of the UPVC drainage pipe color is not Snow White, some yellow, and hard, some color uneven, some of the outer wall is particularly smooth, and the inner wall appears rough, Sometimes there are acupuncture or small holes.

2. The toughness of uPVC drains is a key indicator. Toughness of the tube when we saw it into a narrow strip, try to fold 180°, if 10 percent is broken, the toughness is very poor, brittle large, if it is difficult to break, indicating toughness, and in the fold more need to struggle to break the pipe, the strength is good, toughness generally good. Finally, we can observe the stubble (except the stubble of the saw), the more exquisite the stubble, the better the homogenization, strength and toughness of the pipe.

3. The impact resistance of uPVC drains can also be a simple way to make a macroscopic general judgment. can choose the ambient temperature close to 20 ℃ environment, will be sawn into 200mm long pipe segment (to 110mm tube), with hammer Bash, good tubing, with manpower difficult to break. (The thicker the tube, the greater the bearing force).

4. Conditional users, the pipe can be made of dumbbell type, parallel to the narrow width of 6mm, 5mm/min tensile speed to do tensile strength, greater than 10MPa for qualified. The longer the stretching, the better the tubing.

5. The user chooses uPVC drainage pipe, should go to have the Prestige distribution point to choose the large-scale well-known enterprise's product, or to the well-known brand the direct sale point purchase. After our preliminary investigation, the roadside small distribution point of sale of the motley uPVC pipe pass rate of less than 20%.

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