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Corrugated Hose Applications In Industry

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 23, 2016

In the United States in a steel mill, corrugated hose in slab casting operations as a hydraulic hose, high pressure pipes and oil pipes. Flat chrome die-lines has nearly 300 hydraulic Rainbow. each cylinder is equipped with two corrugated hose. These hoses at 93, 20.7 million Pascal's delivery of phosphatase hydraulic fluid under pressure. Requirements for these tubes is very strict. If fluid leak on the hot plate will have corrosive black smoke, the casting process shutdown. Six years ago in the Rainbow is butyl rubber used on hydraulic hoses, then easily spilled molten steel burned rubber tube, and when the water pressure is high, often produce leakage at the fitting, to 340 l/min hydraulic fluid leakage in the progress of, and hydraulic fluids price of 1.8 dollars per litre). Corrugated hose with a silicone rubber-asbestos fire-resistant coats instead of butyl rubber tube, virtually eliminates failures. The hose will not be spilled molten steel burned. It can also be output at l3077 kPa pressure high pressure water to cool the molten steel. In slab mold lubrication system. Temperature-29 ° c to 66 ° c oil over the corrugated hose in under the pressure of 10.35 million PA Department of transportation.

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