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Common Faults And Precautions For High Temperature PVC Hose In Summer

  Common faults and precautions for high temperature PVC hose in summer

  First, PVC hose outside the plastic layer failure

  1, in the lower temperature areas, PVC hose appearance cracks, PVC hose will be bent, pay attention to observe the PVC hose rubber cracks, and decide whether to immediately replace the PVC hose

  2, PVC hose surface bubble, PVC hose is poor or poor use, if the bubble appears in the middle of the PVC hose, PVC hose for the quality of the problem. Should be timely replacement of reliable quality PVC hose, if the PVC hose in the PVC hose connector, it is likely due to improper installation of the connector lead.

  3, PVC hose outer serious deterioration, the surface cracks, which is PVC hose use time is too long natural aging performance.

  4, PVC hose is not broken, but a lot of oil leakage, PVC hose at this time did not find rupture, but a lot of oil leakage, the reason is likely to be PVC hose through the high pressure, the inner layer was eroded, The area of the leaked wire leads to a large amount of oil.

  Second, PVC hose inner fault

  1, PVC hose layer hard, crack, PVC hose at high temperature, high pressure work, PVC hose overheating, will make PVC hose plasticizer overflow, overheated hydraulic oil through the system of the cylinder, valve Other components, if a larger pressure drop will cause the decomposition of hydraulic oil, resulting in oxidation of the inner layer of PVC hose and hardened, in this case, you should first check the hydraulic system operating temperature is normal, the valve and the orifice , High pressure pump suction channel is smooth, excluding all may lead to excessive oil temperature and hydraulic oil decomposition of the factors after the replacement of PVC hose.

  2, PVC hose inner severe deterioration, obviously inflated due to the use of hydraulic oil over time or oxidized deterioration of the dirt exists in the hydraulic system, PVC hose by chemical and deterioration, in the mouth will be found in the broken Rubber sheet, check the system hydraulic oil PVC hose rubber material compatibility and operating temperature is consistent with the standard.

  Third, PVC hose rupture at the fault

  1, PVC hose one or more rupture, rupture neat This phenomenon is mainly due to the system pressure is too high, more than the PVC hose pressure capacity.

  2, PVC hose rupture occurred at the turn, the reason for this phenomenon is the PVC hose in the installation or use of the process due to excessive twisting. PVC hose by the reverse, strengthen the layer structure changes, weaving, winding the gap between the wire increases, reducing the PVC hose pressure strength, under the action of high pressure PVC hose rupture.

  3, PVC hose rupture at the mouth of the wire curling has obvious necking phenomenon, because the PVC hose by excessive tensile deformation, the separation of layers, reducing the compressive strength. PVC hose under high pressure will occur in the direction of the direction of contraction or elongation, the general amount of expansion and contraction of the normal state of +2% ~ -4%. If the PVC hose in the installation of selected too short, the work will be subject to a large tensile effect, serious rupture or loose failure occurs, if the PVC hose span is too large, the PVC hose weight and oil Liquid weight will give PVC hose a large tensile force, serious when there will be broken or loose failure.

  Summary: In the installation process, we must first choose a good quality PVC hose, replace the PVC hose according to the original tubing length and location of the installation, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time, working at high temperatures, life is extremely short, so the excavator High temperature also caused no damage to the hydraulic tubing.

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