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Four-layer weave silicone hose

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 23, 2016

Is used high-end imports silicone raw materials and the double group copies (A/B) added forming sulfide agent moments sulfide forming of a medical with silicone tube, high at room temperature sulfide agent for auxiliary role, production process in the sulfide speed fast, production out of food level silicone hose completely nontoxic tasteless, and transparency is high; than traditional of silicone tube used peroxide sulfide system compared has more efficient tasteless of advantage, in vacuum State Xia can keep prototype, has super high of strength and the super long of using life, In production process in the input silicone raw materials rubber into refining rubber machine mixed refining, joined silicone sulfide agent mixed refining uniform Hou points article, input screw Rod extrusion machine (silicone extrusion machine) from specifications of mold inside extrusion Hou, can from Shang down squeeze, also can parallel squeeze after oven sulfide, temperature from 300-800 degrees ranging, then two paragraph sulfide, sulfide out Hou waiting for shrink, then QC test finished Hou packaging, can put placed air in the 10 years above not appeared tube body cracking, aging phenomenon, Although storing the moisture in the air can make for long tube is yellow on the outside, but will not affect tube performance of medical silicone.

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