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Characteristic and application of transparent wire silicone hose

Edit: Weifang Jintai Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 23, 2016

Transparent wire silicone hose is a paragraph used winding wire strengthening of high performance food level hose, meet USP CLASS VI, and FDA and NSF51 and the 3-A standard, and food directly contact and not produced harmful material, has most smooth of within cavity, reduced adsorption particles of possibilities or bacteria residues; minimum of can extraction sex, helps maintenance liquid transmission of integrity; high performance food level hose meet ISO10993 standard biological adaptability of proved file ; Super smooth of within cavity can reduced adsorption particles and accumulation microbial of chances, than other hose smooth 3 times times, and helps whole system of clean and disinfection; widely application Yu beverage, and beer, and food industrial, medical devices, pharmaceutical mechanical, biochemical laboratory, field, as for milk tank liquid food sucking sent; food beverage line conveying and the filling various juice, and milk and the food additives; daily chemical manufacturing industry conveying vaseline, and alcohol, and cosmetics, and diluted solution, daily chemical raw materials and the various cosmetics ; Conveying drugs, or dilute solutions and chemicals in the pharmaceutical industry.

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